Curated by Billboard Producers

Vintage synths meets the clarity of grand pianos, all wrapped in the enigmatic aura of futuristic sounds. Each preset is curated & crafted to inspire musicians and producers alike, offering a palette of tones.

By Producers, For Producers🎼

Our primary goal is to provide the highest quality sounds available, ensuring they are current and in line with the latest industry standards.



How will I receive my kit?

Upon completing the purchase of a sound pack, you will receive guidance to download the pack directly from the confirmation page. Additionally, a download link will be promptly dispatched to your email for your convenience.

Can I hear the sounds before I purchase?

The product page features previews of the sound kits for your exploration and consideration.

Are sounds royalty-free?

For selling online beat leases, you do not need to split the profits made from selling leases using these samples. For major placements, you have to contact the creator of the sound pack to clear the sample. This is standard procedure for all labels and it has to be cleared with the creator. For drum sounds, 100% royalty-free.


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