💽 240+ Loops With Stems

This bundle features a variety of loops, including RnB, trap, and versatile options from our most sold kits like AlchemySoulDystopiaSoul SearchingFallout and many more.

Our kits represent 24 months of dedicated work and production. This extensive effort guarantees that every loop in our collection meets the professional standards expected by top-tier music producers.

🥁 Drums, drums and more drums..

Dive in 4 Drum Kits, a grand total of 2100 samples. 

808s, Kicks, SFX, Percussions, Snares, Claps & Everything our TOP producers uses daily.

"The drum samples alone are absolutely worth it. These are my go-to kits every session I have with artists” -  Klassify

💽 800 MIDI Chord Progressions

2 MIDI chord packs featuring a wide variety of chords, including RnB, trap, and other versatile styles to suit all your musical needs. 

Perfect for producers seeking fresh inspiration and high-quality sounds to kickstart a sample or beat.

⚙️ Mixer Presets

Ease of Use: Quickly apply a preset and instantly hear the improvement in their track, which is both educational and encouraging.

These presets offer a consistent starting point for professionals, ensuring that the basic mix elements are balanced and cohesive.

Save time on routine adjustments and focus more on the creative aspects of their music.

*Designed for FL Studio & Ableton Live 

Explore The Sample Packs


Versatile R&B & Trap Loops.

Contrast Loop Kit, designed to bring dynamic interplay and striking juxtapositions to your music. This kit includes 20 meticulously crafted samples, each provided with stems, key, and BPM. Perfect for producers aiming to blend light and dark, soft and hard, or smooth and edgy elements.


Enchanting melodies.

Unlock the magic of music production with the Alchemy Loop Kit. Featuring 20 expertly crafted samples, this kit offers a diverse range of sounds with stems, key, and BPM included. Alchemy provides a foundation of enchanting melodies and intricate rhythms.


Slimy synths & wicked keys.

Get down and dirty with the Slime Loop Kit, featuring 20 unique samples that bring a slick, gritty edge to your tracks.

Each sample comes with stems, key, and BPM, allowing for easy integration and customization. Whether you’re crafting dark trap beats or experimenting with underground vibes, Slime offers the perfect blend of gooey basslines and slimy synths to elevate your sound.


Post-apocalyptic samples.

Dive into the depths of intense emotion and gritty textures with the Fall Out Loop Kit. Comprising 20 powerful samples, each with its stems, key, and BPM, this kit is designed to evoke a sense of urgency and raw energy.

Ideal for creating tracks that resonate with the drama of a post-apocalyptic world.


20 evocative samples.

Step into a world of bleak futurism and stark sonic landscapes with the Dystopia 1 Loop Kit. Featuring 20 evocative samples, each with its stems, key, and BPM, this kit is designed to capture the essence of a dystopian future.

Dystopia 2

Explore a dystopian world.

Expand your journey into the dystopian realm with the Dystopia 2 Loop Kit. Building on the themes of its predecessor, this kit includes another set of 20 meticulously designed samples, complete with stems, key, and BPM.

Soul Searching

Groovy Soulful Vibes

This collection features 20 deeply emotive samples, each provided with stems, key, and BPM, designed to inspire heartfelt and reflective compositions. Ideal for producers seeking to create tracks that resonate with depth, warmth, and sincerity, Soul Searching offers a rich array of sounds that capture the essence of personal exploration and emotional depth.


Heartfelt rhythms.

This collection features 20 soulful samples, each with stems, key, and BPM, perfect for crafting tracks that embody the essence of classic soul music. From smooth melodies to heartfelt rhythms, Soul 1 provides the essential elements to create warm, nostalgic, and emotionally powerful compositions.

Soul 2

Captivating melodies.

Continue your exploration of soulful sounds with the Soul 2 Loop Kit. Building on the foundation of the first kit, Soul 2 offers another set of 20 meticulously crafted samples, complete with stems, key, and BPM.

This kit is ideal for producers looking to expand their soul music repertoire with even more captivating melodies and groovy rhythms.



How will I receive my kit?

Upon completing the purchase of a sound pack, you will receive guidance to download the pack directly from the confirmation page. Additionally, a download link will be promptly dispatched to your email for your convenience.

Can I hear the sounds before I purchase?

The product page features previews of the sound kits for your exploration and consideration.

Are sounds royalty-free?

For selling online beat leases, you do not need to split the profits made from selling leases using these samples. For major placements, you have to contact the creator of the sound pack to clear the sample. This is standard procedure for all labels and it has to be cleared with the creator. For drum sounds, 100% royalty-free.


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